ICN Solutions, L.L.C. Business Methodology

Re-think your infrastructure, Team up with ICN Solutions, L.L.C. today

  • Measuring Success with Proven Results - Clients asking the question: How do we get it right, and get it right the first time. ICN Solutions solves these questions with proprietary solutions methodologies and framework tailored individually for our client's success. We measure success through individual goals assigned by our clients and the performance after completion of the goals. We adhere to the development of strict documentation, policy, and procedures for successful client delivery.
  • Doing Business with ICN Solutions, L.L.C. - It's not a matter of getting it right with infrastructure. It's getting it right the first time. ICN Solutions, L.L.C. has a detailed methodology of designing mission critical infrastructure and turning the infrastructure over smoothly to the end customer with full configuration documentation and support processes. Cost overruns due to lack of experience and knowledge in infrastructure deployments is commonplace, but our approach has a proven track record of being on-time and on-budget for our customers. ICN Solutions, L.L.C. has designed our methodologies so you don't have to worry, day or night.
  • A Complete Focus on our Customers - We stand out from the rest by educating our clients with a complete set of essential infrastructure documentation and support processes at each step of a solutions deployment. ICN Solutions, L.L.C. documentation is sound, complete, and fully detailed with diagrams representing your specific infrastructure and how it supports your business operations. We design a custom runbook tailored to all the services and infrastructure that we deploy for you at the time of the implementation. We also have a streamlined testing process that we run through during the last phase of our build out showing your infrastructure was build to your exacting requirements.